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Unsleep by realitysquared Unsleep by realitysquared
Well, I guess you could say I'm back in action after a long hiatus. Overtime at work and a general sort of Artist Block kept me away for awhile.

The image itself is about two-thirds intention and one-third random experimentation.

A basic Poser figure started it off. She was fixed up with some pretty oriental features, although it's impossible to tell that anymore.

She was imported into Bryce4, textured (twice) and rendered (twice once again).

The two resulting renders were imported into Photoshop5, combined creatively and then extensively airbrushed with my Intuos tablet.

The image has suffered just a bit of pixel damage between the watermarking and the jpeg compression but it's still pretty accurate to the original.

Prints will be available at Pixelprintz [link]
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fourteenthstar Featured By Owner May 9, 2007
I love this! How did I never notice it before :)
realitysquared Featured By Owner May 10, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
You should explore my gallery more often.
Slickepinne Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006
Nice to see someone putting posermodels to creative use! Very nice texturing too! good job!
realitysquared Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you.
nebu Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I remember seeing this image ages ago on another site, I cant recall what the site was now though. And it wasnt the whole image it was a close up of the right side of the head. Wish I could remember now where it was but it was a couple years ago I think. I loved the cropped image then when I saw it but had no idea who the artist was....glad that I finally know. Great piece of work! :+fav:
chriskronen Featured By Owner May 21, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
riftfusion Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2003
That is just wicked looking for sure. The texture in the face is very nice. The colors are terrific. :+fav:
chavez Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2002
this is horrible

amazing! great work. very great.
good job man
matic Featured By Owner May 18, 2002  Professional Filmographer
Your work is really impressive. You are getting a lot out of application-hopping, sort of a digital mixed media thing you've got going. Well, it's working. If you haven't seen his stuff you might want to look at an artist who works at Blur named Neil Blevins [link] since I think you have complementary styles. Good work!
Andy | Moonbase.Net
unicr0n Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2002

Wow this is some fine work you have here. I love the texturing of the fce and the whattamacalits that caom e out of the face. There is som wonderful 3d and airbrushing. Although you use poser you really pull off it off, dosn't loot like poser at all =) (Smile)
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the-faun Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2002
Holy shit thats some nice work, the texturing is supreme! The way the skin cracks up around the small tubes and moulds into the large ones relay maes it look realistic. It is a fantastic render, the person looks like they are in alot of pain, her body looks like it has been scortched badly.

Great work *favouratizes*
/¯¯]Kitty-chan /¯¯¯¯] THE-FAUN /¯¯¯¯]Kitty-chan /¯¯]
agoni Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
excellent....i like very much ;-) (Wink) good colors....;-) (Wink)
agoni alias mercyful
ekud Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
WB dude, thats great...... faves

bl0ck Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2002
shit .... wire things suck in your face ? .... bet that must hurt .....

/me gets "information from a unknown source"

wtf do you mean its not a photo ?!


chosenone- Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2002
amazing! I'm in love with it! :D (Big Grin)

¤-[Kwan Studios Finland]-
teaspoons Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2002
wow, the detail in this is truly amazing! The detail on her face is especially interesting...the faint blotches and bruised color of her eyes and lips give her a painful, sick look, but her expression is almost one of rapture....makes me think harder about what the image is saying...defiately a great comeback! :) (Smile)
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mage Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2002
what a way to break back in :) (Smile) Thief6 said it all in his comment, great piece.

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thief6 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2002
nice to see you back!
a dark, impressive comeback you have here. great texture and nice work on those tubes sprouting out of her face. the expression of her face is mysterious, its both showing pain and pleasure at the same time.

spud Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2002
she is so pretty. I like it a lot. ::clicks add to favs::


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kalimon Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2002
Weloceme back!!!

awesome as always!!!

Have you ever thought of using a lighter environmental light?

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zen-x Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2002
Highly impressive. The texture of the skin and body really emphasis the difference between the order of machines and the chaos of life (or is zen overtired?). The facial expresion is just right, leaving me wondering if the subject is experiencing pain or pleasure.

Do you think about sticking tubes in girls heads alot?;) (Wink) Seems to be a recuring theme... not that I'm compaining.

Thanks for some more eye candy.



....:I must eXist in the Peace where Reality Fades:....
the-wanderer Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2002
I like the textures, they enhance the expression. The colours are great too. Looking at the pipes sticking out of her head & face, H.R. Giger springs to mind. This is far more elegant than anything he's done.
You've used a different texture on the tounge or is it less intense compared to the rest of her face? either way it looks great that you've gone into that detail, makes a lot of difference. Too much to say, but you've probably heard it all before.
Beautiful work, as usual.

mousty Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2002
OMG amazing job, very nice 3d too, rawks :) (Smile)

Disbelief Nod ||Mousty|| Nod Disbelief

d3ja Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2002
Wow.. Really, Really love this.. She reminds me of Bjork, a darker version of her portrayal in All Is Full of Love video perhaps.. Excellent work! =) (Smile)

riven Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2002
simply awesome your work always comes out so impressive and large.. nicely done , i really like the colors used in this as well..


:D (Big Grin)

-[ riVen ]-
klf Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2002

damn fine work, truely amazing!
altermind Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
very nice man :) (Smile)

this is sooo kewl... but needs sme more detail at that resolution

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paroxysm Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2002
another masterpiece from the master. the only thing i would've changed would be the size of the mouth. i'd have made it slightly smaller and closed it to make the figure look more meditative.

:: paroxysm ::

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cranial-bore Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hmm, the stats say this has 1 comment, but I can see 2 ??

Yes, much to the confirmation of my suspicions, this is amazing work. The style as always is original and brilliant, and the technical quality really struck me.

Amazing work, but I think the change in light, texture and colour between face and body is a little too dramatic.

Awesome stuff though !

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fuzzydemon Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2002
Very very impressive work. It looks like something that'd be on one of björk's album covers..
It's obvious that a lot of work went into this.. which has paid off. Every last drop Nod
Terrific detailing.. awesome textures.. it's beautiful and creepy at the same time :O (Eek)

:: fuzzydemon ::
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jark Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2002
dude...nice to see you back. i had wondered if you were alright!

and what a way to come back...with such exquisite style! this is phenomenol. probably your best work to date.

:: jark
supaspoida Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2002
Whoa. Very whoa. Love the way the tubes are implanted into the face, and especially the textures.

matanza Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2002
holy shit that kicks ass.. every detail about it!


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